Reconnection Sessions

Hey, thanks for stopping by! I'm sure you are here because you have questions. Good news, I have answers. First, what is a reconnection session? It is a short session that is done back to back with other sessions. A lot of photographers would call that a "mini" session. But to me, I don't want you to think of these as any less of a personal experience than you'd get with a full hour long session. These are great for returning clients who are already comfortable working with me. They're build with the intent of reconnecting with your loved ones. Let's break down those physical and emotional walls that day to day life slowly builds. With couples, you'll be snuggling, holding each other, kissing, etc. With families, you'll be cuddling together, letting the kids race each other to the camera, play ring around mom and dad, tickling.. lots of tickles and giggles. My passion in photography is built around human souls connecting - not standing and smiling at the camera. Yes, we will do a couple of those - but that is not the full intent of my sessions.

Pricing + Investment

I know not everyone wants every single image from a session. So, I have recently updated the way I will be pricing my sessions to accommodate tighter budgets and those who only need/want a smaller number of images back. So, let me explain how that will work. Upon booking, you'll pay your deposit. Your deposit holds your date, time, and length of time reserved for your session. After that, the reminder will be due upon receiving you album and selecting which package you'd like. Below I will list the packages and pricing. Single image downloads available as well. If you have any questions - I always encourage contacting me!


Deposit + $40 for 5 digital downloads.


Deposit + $60 for 10 digital downloads.


Deposit + $100 for 20 digital downloads.

Gimme Em' All

Deposit + $140 for all digital downloads. (Roughly 40 images.)